Career Profiles of Park Ranger and The Most Widely Offered Job Opportunities For A Park Ranger

Different jobs are accomplished by a Park Ranger, some of which include management of parks, recreational areas, sites with historical value and heritage, and some other common types of properties. Most of Park Rangers should wear a definite uniform for fast and easy identification.

Job Responsibilities Of a Park Ranger

The major Job Responsibilities of a park ranger include:

Some Other Tasks of a park ranger

The tasks which are not always included but often performed by the Park Ranger are the following ones:

It's important to emphasize that some tasks assigned and the duties as well as responsibilities of the Park Manager greatly depend on his or her grade, as well as the size of the park that is handled by this individual and definite requirements of this place.

The Pronounced Duties of The Park Ranger

The Pronounced duties of the park ranger include protection of the park from people willing to harm it as well as people from the park and certainly protection of people from other people.

Experience, Qualifications, and Job Prospects of The Park Ranger

The thorough research of career profiles of park rangers demonstrates that: A bachelor's degree in field of wildlife or environmental science is extremely required. No park ranger can be hired full time but seasonally in the beginning of one's career. These candidates can take the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program or SLETP that was first started in 1977. In school career the aspirant should study history, biology, English and computer science, while archeology, Biology, geology, and history or natural sciences are just perfect at the college levels. Temporary or seasonal jobs should be performed as this will offer an excellent experience and will make the candidate suitable for the job of the Park Ranger. Best job opportunities are offered usually to those who have minimum three years of parks experience as well as skills in management, the law enforcement, conservation, and certainly communication sectors. In this situation the candidate can start the career of a Park Ranger without a formal four years degree certificate.